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Allergy Testing in Bristol

300+ Known Allergens Tested

Find Intolerances & Sensitivies

Your Visit Only Takes 45 Minutes

We scan your body in real-time for allergies, intolerances and sensitivities using cutting-edge medical technology. It’s non-invasive and especially safe for allergy testing on children and babies. Schedule your appointment for only £50 conveniently on-line now.

Allergy test scanned with SCIO machine

Above, the results of an allergy test are discussed. Pictured right to left: Kasey, resident practitioner; Sue, a happy client

The Allergy Testing Procedure: How Does It Work?

Look at the picture above.

See that small blue and white box beside the laptop? That’s a SCIO medical device used to scan the body for food intolerances, sensitivies to environmental factors, and more. It reads and emits electromagnetic waves in a way similar to an EEG or MRI scan.

See the little red square on the woman’s wrist sitting on the left in the picture above? That’s the buckle on one of twelve electrodes placed on the body for electromagnetic measurement. The remaining electrodes are on her other limbs and around her forehead.

The computer – or to be more accurate, the software run on the computer – organises the information gathered, ranking intolerances and sensitivities on a numbered scale from chronic to acute. As shown in the picture above, these findings are discussed with you at length, so you’re empowered to make the right decisions regarding your health.

For more information on how Bio-Resonance technology works, visit our Homepage.

Food Allergy vs. Intolerance Testing

Woman sneezing - allergy and intolerance testing in bristolIn the UK, medical doctors are the only professionals legally allowed to diagnose you with an allergy. The practitioners at The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback are fully trained and licensed, but Biofeedback and Bio-resonance therapy forms are not yet recognised by the NHS. Therefore, we kindly remind you to always consult your GP (General Practitioner), and get a second opinion if you are uncertain. Read our Disclaimers for more information.

Intolerance vs. Sensitivity to Allergens

When your body comes into contact with viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances, it will release an IgE antibody into your bloodstream as its natural form of defense. When your immune system is over-reactive, however, it will trigger this response for common, non-harmful substances such as nuts, shellfish, trees, and pollen.

The level of your body’s reaction determines whether your allergy is classified as a sensitivity or an intolerance.

  • Lactose intolerance can make you run to the loo within minutes of eating ice cream, drinking milk, or consuming other dairy milk products.
  • Lactose sensitivity might not cause such a direct effect on the bowels, but could lead to feelings of bloating, irritable behaviour (connected to the irritable bowels), quick weight gain whilst struggling to shed pounds in spite of counting calories or other diet regimens.

In your full allergy scan, you’ll receive a complete list of your body’s sensitivities and intolerances, ranked in a numbered list from chronic to acute.

Which Environmental & Food Allergens Are Tested?

We scan your body for its compatibility, sensitivity, intolerance or allergic reaction to literally thousands of substances including known pathogens and allergens. Here is a list of the more well-known aggravators:

apples (apple varieties), bananas, beans (bean varieties), cucumbers, dust (house dust, rugs, carpet, furniture, other varieties), eggs, fish, gluten, grass (varieties of grass, clover and similar plants), kiwi fruit, nuts (nut varieties), peanuts, penicilin*, pharmaceuticals*, pollen, shell fish (lobster, shrimp, other varieties), soy, strawberries, trees (varieties), nickel, wheat
*Always consult your GP for confirmation of intolerances to these substances

Allergy Testing with Bio-Resonance

The video above is a short interview with an Australian Bio-Resonance practitioner on allergy testing with Bioresonance machines. He discusses differences between food allergies and food sensitivities / intolerances.

Did you know that Bio-Resonance Therapy has been used to treat allergies and allergic conditions as well? As early as the 1970s when the technology was still in its infancy, studies and trials were being conducted in German-speaking parts of the world. Visit our blog to read publications and studies conducted on allergy treatment.

Read Clinical Studies

Do You Have Questions About Allergy Testing in Bristol?

Our allergy scans are not currently covered by NHS. Unfortunately, not everyone who asks their GP for a traditional allergy test – such as a skin patch test or blood test – is able to receive one with costs covered by NHS. More and more people in the UK are turning to private allergy testing.

Some home allergy testing kits can cost between 60 and upwards of 250 Pounds Sterling. Our test scans for hundreds more known allergens, and costs only £50 and less than one hour of your time.

Yes. Allergy tests for babies and kids using Bio-Resonance is 100% safe. Children are welcome to sit in the lap of their guardians during the scan, and even play with non-electronic toys such as dolls or colouring books.

In the allergy test, the skin’s surface is not scratched, and neither is blood drawn, which makes it perfect for kids who are afraid of jabs, pokes and other sharp and scary-looking devices.

No, because the entire test is non-invasive. Most people, however, do report that after wearing the head harness, the electrodes leave indentations on their forehead for a short period of time. It might take 15-30 minutes for the marks to naturally disappear, depending on the elasticity of your skin, your circulatory system and other factors.

We haven’t had a chance to fully explore the Vega machine, but it appears that ours is quite different. Many machines claim to measure electromagnetic waves in the body, but the accuracy of that measurement can vary so widely that it makes reliability questionable. In our limited knowledge of Vega machines, the SCIO is a later and much more advanced form of electromagnetic therapy.

No. In Kinesiology, the patient’s arm is pressed down in a sort of ‘muscle test’ or bodily strength measurement. We do believe this method of testing has its merits, however, it does leave considerable room for human error in the interpretation of allergy vs. intolerance vs. sensitivity test results.

Allergy Tests in Bristol City Centre

Our clinic is located in the heart of Bristol’s hillside district, Clifton. We have rooms in three locations of The Practice Rooms:

  • 14 Saint Paul’s Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1LR
  • 39 Cotham Hill, Redland, Bristol BS6 6JY
  • 55 Queen Square, Old City Centre, Bristol BS1 4LH

Patient / Client Privacy Notice

We treat more than allergies in our private clinic. Due to respect for our patients’ privacy, we don’t accept walk-ins without a prior appointment or phone call. Please send us an email or ring us at 07394 870 15six to enquire about visits on short notice. Otherwise, please use the contact form below to schedule your visit in our Bristol clinic for allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity testing.

Our facilities have modern equipment geared toward privacy:

  • No third party security devices such as video or audio recorders
  • No waiting room – visitors ring at the main door and are accompanied straight to the treatment room
  • Patient files backed up electronically on password-encrypted solid state disks

Highest Standards of Health & Hygiene

We have a statement published on measures to stop the spread of Corona Virus. It is updated regularly, so please check back often.

Our strict measures of hygiene include wiping down surfaces with anti-bacterial spray and non-reuseable tissue made of thick, recycled paper. We also have anti-bac hand gel at the main entrance and more steps in place to ensure the health and safety of your person as well as those working in the Centre.

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Same Day Appointments

We are able to accept same-day appointments scheduled before 2pm.

If your situation or condition is urgent, we will do our absolute best to see you as quickly as possible. It’s best to phone us on 07394 870 156 to arrange an appointment and receive directions to the Centre.

Please note:

  • At this time, our only wheelchair accessible location is in Saint Paul’s Road.
  • If you need an appointment outside our scheduled office hours, please let us know.
  • Cancel an appointment with 2 days’ notice if you must. If you have developed symptoms similar to those of Corona Virus, please check our COVID-19 Statement and rest assured that your appointment will be re-scheduled free of charge.

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