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& Non-Invasive Facelifts

Restore Your Natural Youth and Vigour, Both Inside & Out, In Our 8-Week Programme

Ageing is not an inevitable part of ‘growing older’. It’s the result of stress affecting our body’s digestive and hormonal systems, toxins building up, and choosing negative thought patterns. Our anti-ageing therapy is much more thorough than merely performing a non-invasive facelift. We render therapy properly, meaning from the inside to the outside!

Allergy test scanned with SCIO machine

Receiving Bio-Resonance treatments (above) is the core of our Anti-Ageing programme.

In this comprehensive anti-ageing treatment programme, we address and reduce various signs and symptoms that come with the passage of time:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Malabsorption or ‘leaky gut’ syndrome
  • Hydration (not the amount of water consumed per day, but the ability of your body at a cellular level to absorb water)
  • Hormonal imbalances to correct homeostasis (regulation of water in the body) and strengthen your body against stress*
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Sagging or dropping skin (i.e. ‘jowls’ or un-firm skin of the neck and chin)
  • Lines on the face
  • Wrinkles and lines on the neck and hands

*A small ‘warning’ or heads-up: We have had a small number of women report a reversal of menopause. This can be the case if a woman has recently entered / is transitioning into menopause (up to 24 months prior). The reversal of menopause is of course temporary, as menopause is a woman’s natural state in her golden years. Early onset menopause often occurs in women whose endocrine / hormonal systems are compromised due to stress or toxic build up. During our intense Bio-Resonance therapy sessions, the body’s systems are restored to optimal functionality, which can return a woman to a youthful state of being able to conceive. If your menopausal state could be reversed, please make sure to consult your GP and choose the right method of contraception for your body.

We focus on 7 key areas of your health to restore youth and vitality in a holistic and thorough fashion.

1. Nutrigenomics

Relying on the results of the full body scan performed with our Bioresonance device, we delve into any possible nutritional deficiencies or excesses. Remember, a deficiency doesn’t necessarily mean that the nutrient is lacking in your diet; it means only that your body isn’t absorbing and appropriating it. On this same note, we look out for possible blockages in digestion caused by build up of toxins or imbalances in the endocrine system.

2. Metabolism Balance

Slow weight gain over a period of a few decades is very common. Increasingly, however, we’ve found young adults ages 20 – 40 also having extreme difficulty in losing and maintaining weight. This is most often due to an underactive thyroid coupled with depleted adrenal glands. The more stress and environmental distress we encounter, the more it causes our body to ‘adjust’ in negative ways, one of which is weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

Bioresonance therapy is the best way to restore an endocrinal gland to its healthy, original, fully-functioning state with zero side effects. This restores energy as well as allowing your metabolism to be kick-started into shedding pounds!

Food Sensitivities & Intolerances

Another cause of extra weight can be mild allergies or sensitivities toward certain foods. The most common are nuts, wheat, gluten and cow milk. We test your body for over 300 known allergens, so we can rule out any possible weight gain due to food sensitivities. We can render allergy densitisation, however, this is a quite time-intensive procedure and not included in the Anti-Aeging Programme.

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3. Hormonal Balance

An imbalance of hormones can result in weight gain, hair loss, irritability, mood swings and other symptoms. Rather than hormonal replacement therapy – which signals the body to stop making hormones because they’re entering the body via other sources – Bio-Resonance treatment gradually teaches the organs in the endocrine system to return to their original, healthy state.

Balancing the hormones can achieve many positive results, including:

  1. Reversal of hair loss (i.e. re-growth of scalp hair where it originally was)
  2. Acne clearing up
  3. Reversal of menopause (please see the note in italics above)

4. Hydration

It’s a well known fact that as we age, our bodies lose water content. We can help the layers of your skin and deeper tissue look younger and maintain firmness through Bio-Resonance treatment. The electromagnetic frequency pulses in Bio-Resonance treatment entrain your body’s cells to maintain proper homeostasis / water retention and reproduce at a healthy rate.

5. Energised Water

During the session, a Master Bottle of specially prepared water is energised with the resonant frequency pattern of what your body needs most at that given point in time. It could be energised with the frequencies of serotonin and dopamine, or charged with the frequency of a well-functioning hypothalamus. At the close of each session, you’ll receive a Master Bottle which can be used to make up to 14 more litres of energised water, ensuring you drink two litres of this special ‘medicine water’ each day during the Anti-Aeging Programme.

6. Reduction of Wrinkles & Lines

Lines and wrinkles happen naturally when your skin is exposed to the sun and wind for long periods over time. The damage done to your skin can be reversed, however, and your skin’s youthful state of elasticity and moisture can be achieved again.

As part of our Anti-Aeging Programme, we give you a proprietary salve to apply on your face, neck and hands. It is made by a Bristolian skin enthusiast exclusively for our Clinic, and for this Anti-Aeging Programme. Made from a blend of organic aloe vera, oats and minerals, one application before bed each evening is an essential part of our Anti-Aeging Programme.

7. Reduction of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

We also render Bio-Resonance treatment to reduce puffiness, circles and dark dircles under the eyes. This is achieved without chemicals or creams, but simply by stimulating your circulatory system in a natural way, free from side effects.

How Long Does the Anti-Aeging Treatment Take / Last?

The crux of our Anti-Ageing programme is Bio-Resonance treatment. Each session involves attaching electrodes to your wrists, ankles and forehead (as in the picture below) and taking a relaxing break from your busy day for about one hour.

  • One Bio-Resonance treatment session lasts up to 60 minutes.
  • 12 sessions are included in the anti-aeging procedure, spread out over a period of two months.
  • In the first 4 weeks, you’ll receive two sessions weekly. In the remaining 4 weeks, you’ll receive one session weekly.

The effects of the anti-aeging treatment are long-lasting and differ based upon your choice of diet, lifestyle and mindset. The visible benefits to one’s body (i.e. considerable reduction in wrinkles or dark circles) can be seen in the second week of treatment. The improvements to your body – both inside and out – last much longer than conventional creams or today’s non-invasive facelifts with ultra-therapy.

nick in harness in poole

How Much Does the Anti-Aeging Therapy Cost?

Each session requires a health investment in the amount of £125.

Sessions include our 100% organic anti-aeging unction made in Bristol exclusively for this programme, a Master Bottle of energised water, and up to 60 minutes of Bio-Resonance therapy. Twelve sessions are included in the anti-aeging programme, totalling an investment of £1,500 for a healthier, happier, younger you.

0% Finance Available

We understand finance availability can sometimes be a barrier to achieving the health and beauty goals you want and deserve. We’re happy to talk through financing options with you, starting at as little as £300 per month via Direct Debit, Standing Order or charge to your credit card. No hidden fees, no interest – your health and wellness is our top priority.

Results Guaranteed

You will see a visible improvement to your skin as early as the days following your second Bio-Resonance session. Although twelve sessions are recommended for internal and long-lasting effects, you can stop receiving treatment at any time during the anti-aeging programme. There are no cancellation fees or hidden costs whatsoever.

Where Is the Clinic Located?

We are located in the heart of Bristol’s hillside district, Clifton:

The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback
in The Practice Rooms
at 14 Saint Paul’s Road
Bristol BS8 1LR

We are unable to accomodate walk-in appointments. Please fill in the form below or email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.