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Hire a Biofeedback or Bioresonance Device in the UK

One of the largest hurdles in studying to become a Biofeedback Therapist or Bioresonance Practitioner is access to a device, which is why The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback is committed to making devices more widely available within the United Kingdom.

The cost of a Bioresonance device can be a large deterrent for many would-be students. Prices of Bioresonance machines can range from 5,000 to 30,000 Pounds Sterling depending on model and condition. Biofeedback devices are considerably more affordable due to their limited electromechanical functionality.

Genuine Biofeedback & Bioresonance Device Rentals

Although health and safety regulations currently exist for medical devices, these regulations are set by and specific to the country of import. In the United States of America, for example, the Food and Drug Administration classifies “devices that use resistance measurements to diagnose and treat various diseases” as Class III medical devices and require approval from the FDA before marketing said devices. Nevertheless, thanks to the advent of on line shopping, sale of a device and marketing thereof can become a blurred line across borders.

In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are responsible for approving medical devices for marketing and sale within the United Kingdom. Please check with them and an authorized dealer before purchasing a device. We do not offer advice on authenticity of Biofeedback or Bioresonance devices. If you suspect the device you have purchased or hired is counterfeit, please report it to MHRA here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/report-a-non-compliant-medical-device-enforcement-process

Biofeedback Device Rentals

Oddly enough, the Bristol Centre for Biofeedback does not offer rental of Biofeedback devices. If you’re looking to hire a Biofeedback device, visit this website we endorse but are not affiliate with: https://www.stressresilientmind.co.uk/biofeedback-rental

Bioresonance Device Rentals – Hire a SCIO

The Centre accepts neither responsibility nor liability for transportation or storage of Bioresonance medical devices. The Centre merely facilitates the connection between device owners and persons wishing to hire a Bioresonance device. Each device available for hire is upon agreement between the device owner and the person hiring the Bioresonance device. It is recommended that device owners purchase insurance coverage from Balens and read through their policy terms thoroughly.

Below is a list of Bioresonance devices available for hire on the British Isles.

Hire a SCIO in Bristol, UK

Available for hire on premises only in the Bristol Centre for Biofeedback is a Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations (SCIO) manufactured by QX World Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary. Included in the Bioresonance device hire is:

  • Training room with furnishings (for practice with patient or study)
  • Harness (head and limbs)
  • Auxiliary devices (silver-lined blanket and small electrode pad)
  • Laptop computer* with the most recent software from QX World Ltd, version released October 2018
    *Please bring your own mobile device or laptop to connect to the internet. This computer is not allowed to connect to the internet.
  • Coffee, tea, bathroom and kitchen facilities

The SCIO Bioresonance device is available for hire on Fridays and Saturdays between 10am and 9pm. Exact dates of availability are subject to change and generally exclude public holidays.

Price of hire: The SCIO Bioresonance device along with all or any items listed above can be rented by the hour, half day or full day. Prices are payable in card or cash both on line or at the Centre in Pounds Sterling:

  • Hourly: 15
  • Half-day (up to 5 hours): 75
  • Full day (maximum 12 hours): 100

COVID-19 Special: Remote Desktop SCIO Hire

If you do not live in the British Isles or have trouble visiting the clinic to use the device in person, you may enjoy training with the SCIO via remote desktop. This is a great option if you are a practitioner in training or a student of Bioresonance / Biofeedback courses and would like to become familiar with the SCIO software.

Remote desktop sessions are bookable by the hour and take place via TeamViewer. Rates start as low as 15 Pounds Sterling per hour.

Hire / Rent Out a SCIO Bioresonance Device Now

The owner of this device is Kasey Phifer. Please email him directly to discuss hiring the SCIO Bioresonance device on premises in Bristol or via remote desktop: Kasey-at-BiofeedbackCentreBristol.co.uk

Do you have a Bioresonance or Biofeedback device you’d like to rent out? Please get in touch with us to discuss details.