[UPCOMING] Body Hacking: Bristol’s First Experimental Meetup

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This hoge-podge meetup group is organised by Naví (Kasey). Contact her if you have any questions.

Want to look younger, feel fantastic, have tons of energy — and create that life yourself?

Welcome to the world of Body Hacking, to cheat the DNA you were born with and create a top-notch healthy body, positive “winner” mindset and truly amazing life.


If you haven’t heard of Body Hacking before, that’s probably because I made it up. Despite being uber-healthy, vegetarian, drug-free, and quite physically active, I got cancer TWICE before the age of 30. WTF. The first time, I was treated with standard Western medicine. The second time, I was treated with alternative medicine. And now? I am certain I won’t have any more health scares, and I most certainly will NOT die of natural causes.

Body Hacking is a combination of a few different therapies, tricks, ‘hacks’ and other ways to live your best, feel your best, and be your best. It’s not just about working out, but how to enhance your work-out for faster muscle building, quicker recovery time, more impact in less time…. starting to get the idea? Body Hacking combines anything that helps the body without harming it, for example: Nutrigenomics (experimentation with nutritional supplements to achieve optimal health), massage, Bio-Resonance, essential oils, certain work-out routines and most importantly: a positive mind-set.


We’re a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds who are already living quite amazing lives, and want to share our tips and experience with others, as well as learning from them.

This meetup is the first of its kind in Bristol (as far as we know). The intention is to meet up on a regular basis to discuss, teach ourselves, and experiment with our own bodies and minds. What do we mean by that? Here are some topics Body Hacking meetups will cover:

  • Nutritional supplements for faster post-workout recovery
  • Essential oils to relieve allergy symptoms
  • Bulletproof coffee (disgusting or delicious?)
  • Tinctures, potions & lotions for better digestion and looking younger
  • The latest health technology like Bio-Resonance and Electro-Stimulation
  • EFT, body work, and massage to relieve tension, heal trauma and create a more wholesome you

This meetup is NOT

  • For pushing classified illegal substances
  • For being spammy or self-promoting pyramid schemesFor therapy-like hand-holding… we’re not a diet support group.
  • Each meetup will roughly follow the same agenda with 4 parts to the hour: self-introduction of people in attendance — then — short talk by a guest speaker — then — Q&A — then — networking, chatting and voting on the next meetup’s guest speaker.


I haven’t found anyone else to step up, so I’m willing to go first. 🙂 As the resident practitioner of The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback, I’ll talk about how Biofeedback (also known as Bio-Resonance) can be used for long-lasting (and sometimes permanent!) body enhancement…. I’ve personally worked on everything from improving digestion to desensitising allergies to unashamed cosmetic procedures.

I’ll bring my Bio-Resonance device (a SCIO, invented by an American mad scientist) if we want to do some hands-on quantum physical testing…. searching for food intolerances, viruses, bacteria, worms or anything else in the body in realtime. I can also demonstrate some of the beauty and cosmetic programmes in the software.


We’ll meet at Dom’s Coffee House, close to the Hippodrome in Bristol’s waterfront area. (I know, it’s large — near the statue of Neptune and buskers.) We’ll be up on the first floor in a little private room, over to the left when you get upstairs. Sorry, this facility is not wheelchair accessible.
If you’re having trouble finding the space (or would like to let the host, Kasey, know about your particular needs for the next meetup, i.e. severe nut allergy or physical limitations) please contact her at:
07394 870 156

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