Join Us At the Wellness Summit in Bath, UK

Join us for an inspirational afternoon of döTERRA essential oil education in Bath BA2 5BU on Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 1pm until 5.30pm.

The afternoon will include:

  • Guest speakers
  • Short talk by Carol Miller on gut health
  • Raw chocolate treats
  • Your personal body scan with INDIGO, SCIO or iTovi Bioresonance devices
  • Three free eBooks

Many table displays will be present on natural health topics ranging from skincare to weightloss and gut health.


Tickets are £10, purchaseable online or in-person at the door. Buy tickets online at


The Hub
Mulberry Way
Mulberry Park
Combe Down

Feel free to get in touch with us before or on the date by sending us an email or calling / SMSing 07394 870 15six.