The Quarterly: UWE Meet N’ Greet, Website Launch, Level 4 Training Progress

Carol Kevin Hunter Q1 2019

Kevin demonstrating customised software he built to accompany treatments given with the Hunter device.

A Meeting of Three

Carol, Kevin and I met at the close of the first quarter 2019 in the main clinical facilities in downtown Bristol.

1. Discussion of Level 4 Training

We discussed the development and work in progress of the Level 4 Training given by the International Academy for Biofeedback Practitioners, set to be published and available for the first students to begin in the autumn of this year.

The practical component of the training – the practicum with hands-on use of the device – includes four device specialisations: the SCIO, INDIGO, Hunter and LIFE. Dedicated tutors for each have been selected.

2. Discussion of Kevin’s Meeting at UWE

Kevin met recently with a few people at UWE (University of West England in Bristol) in what proved to be an informative and engaging half-day event.

3. Discussion of Website Launch

We discussed the Bristol Centre for Biofeedback’s new website, along with marketing measures, promotional materials, and collaborative events to serve informational and demonstrative purposes for the health, safety and wellbeing of people in the Southwest.

Looking Ahead

Q2 looks quite promising indeed, with the final touches of carpentry and interior design set to be completed in the Lodge in Nailsea.

The adjunct facilities in Poole are preparing to host a full day Bioresonance Symposium to demonstrate the clinical and hospital versions of Hunter devices.

Phifer is preparing to launch a clinical study of Bioresonance spanning an 18 or 24-month period. The study is set to begin in autumn this year, and details will be announced on this website.

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Author: K. J. N. Phifer