The Quarterly: Grand Opening of the Poole Offices & More

photoshoot in the Poole office - Bio-Resonance demo

Sue (L) and Kasey (R) having a wonderful time during the photoshoot with body scan and demonstration of the SCIO Bio-Resonance device.

Carol and I met up with Kevin in his ‘new’ (to his business) office space in the heart of Poole’s city centre. The large room at the front of the historical (and gorgeous) building has ample space for Kevin’s growing practice:

  • three separate areas for consultation, treatment and demonstration of the Hunter Bio-Resonance device
  • a cosy reception area with couch and refreshing lemon water
  • large windows looking out to the street

We discussed Kevin’s plans for growth into the six-figure realm, including onboarding staff.

We chatted about Carol’s launch of an online course on essential oils for health and wellness.

We also did a little video interview and photoshoot. It’s always so hard to remember to take pictures when we’re busy chatting, planning, brainstorming and having a great time.

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Author: K. J. N. Phifer