The Quarterly 4-2020: New Chapter

medicine with love for lyme disease treatment

1. Clinical Trials

We’re happy to announce (a few weeks after the busy Q4 has come to a close) that the treatment phase of the clinical trial on chronic Lyme Disease has been completed. Check the clinical trial post for real-time updates as completed survey data gets analysed. Dissemination will happen before and after the 18 months time frame of the trial.

2. New Research

A new PEMF+ Pilot Study is in the works, focussing on treatment of depression and possibly a few other foci. The key in this pilot is to see whether sessions can be offered at a lower cost to patients/participants and whether practitioners can get started with little prior training on the device.

People recruited for practice are currently registered nurses and other health care professionals, although this selection criterium may widen to include other people without medical qualification.

Currently, electromagnetic therapies are being found helpful in treatment of severe depression in the USA, Denmark, Sweden and other countries. We’d be honoured to be a part of welcoming this much-needed treatment into the UK.

3. New Name, New Website

A new website is being created to reflect the change of company name and form. Mid-November The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback officially became The National Centre for Electromagnetic Therapies CIC. A Community Interest Company (CIC) is half charity, half “hands on” company with limit either by shares or guarantee. The company is limited by shares and is schedule 2 – meaning that dividends can only be paid out to shareholders that are other charities. This might be changed toward the end of 2021 to schedule 3, allowing payout of dividends held by other companies and private individuals. The idea behind this change is to allow for compensation and ‘thanks’ to the volunteers who help make The Centre’s service possible.

We will continue to trade as Biofeedback Centre Bristol for 6-24 more months before transitioning solely to NCET CIC branding both on- and offline.