The Quarterly 3-2020: Expansion, Clinical Trial & Forging Ahead

After long walks and lots of spring cleaning during lockdown, we suddenly became very busy: Planning new health and safety guidelines, cleaning, answering enquiries and welcoming new people into our premises, more cleaning, and preparing for our first clinical trial.

Upcoming Clinical Trial

The Centre plans to begin its first clinical trial in the middle of October. As of this blog post’s publication, the final ‘go-ahead’ is still outstanding from the UK Research Ethics Committee before the trial can begin, but is expected to be received before mid-October.

All research involving humans must be published on an international database of research which requires either approval from a Research Ethics Committee hearing or a letter from the Committee stating that deliberation is not needed. In our case, the latter is applicable: We do not require a hearing because the device being used is already CE certified as safe to use and the participants in the trial are otherwise ‘healthy’, meaning they are not abstaining from any prescribed treatment from their respective GPs, are of sound mind and capacity, and can stop receiving treatment at any time should they wish to.

Why a Clinical Trial?

Kasey came up with the idea to do clinical research on ‘Bio-Resonance’ as it’s colloquially known, or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy, to treat lingering symptoms of Lyme Disease. The idea came at just the right time; She was expecting another lockdown or a decrease in demand for therapy due to an increase in COVID cases following a return to school. At the same time, November and December are usually slow months in all sectors except retail (and travel under ‘normal’ circumstances), making it the perfect time to render therapy pro bono in a clinical trial to help not only those in the test group, but also posterity through medical advances and the broader scientific community.

Although Kasey and other practitioners have helped persons suffering chronically from Lyme-related complications, there remains a need for more clinical research to be published and peer reviewed. Lyme Disease is a serious problem in the UK, especially in the Southwest. Because blood tests are not always accurate or reliable, some credible sources report that there can be as many as ten thousand new cases of Lyme contracted every year in the UK.

Presentation at the Rotary Club

Kasey is a proud member of the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club where she gave a ‘Job Talk’ online, presenting information about what she does and the company’s plans in the future. Click here to view the talk and slides.

New Location in Weston

In light of the self-funded trial ahead, the Centre was looking for a safe, secure and accessible space to render treatments with as little burden to the ‘Company coffers’ as possible. We are acutely aware that many who come to see us are experiencing financial difficulty due to the current economic situation or due to chronic health concerns. It’s not at all our intent to raise prices of therapy in order to pay for posh locations or brand new furniture.

A suitable, friendly space was found in Weston-Super-Mare at:

Badger House
Suite 6 on the Ground Floor
Oldmixon Cresent
Weston BS24 9AY

The new location is wheelchair accessible, offers free parking at the back of the building, and allows us more time to concentrate on what’s important. (More on that below.) The new location has a COVID risk assessment, and our COVID-19 Statement will be updated once moved into the premises October 2nd, 2020 and having put into place the necessary measures for health and safety.

We’re Still in Bristol

We will still continue to operate out of Bristol’s Clifton and Cotham locations on an as-needed basis with our monthly membership at The Practice Rooms. For Reiki shares as well as those people who cannot drive to the Weston location, we’re happy to hold space in The Practice Rooms.

After serving the community over the past two years, we have realised that over 90% of our clients drive — and both parking spots and parking payment machines can be difficult to find in the Clifton area. Furthermore, Kasey moved to Portishead in June this year which makes the drive to Weston – and avoiding the Bristol traffic – more suitable.

New Name, Same Vision

We’ve submitted an application to change the company formation from a Limited held privately by shares to a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by shares. Although not yet approved and registered by Companies House at the time of publishing this post, this new company form better reflects the company’s values and commitment to its community. We believe in fair practice, honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency – hence posting quarterly updates like these on our activities and plans.

When these changes are accepted, the company will officially be The National Centre for ElectroMagnetic Therapies CIC. We will continue to trade as The Bristol Centre for Biofeedback until a suitable time for change is upon us. The change in name is more accurate in keeping with the variety of therapies we offer as well as our expansion: Training practitioners, publishing case studies, doing research and dissemination thereof.

“Old” and New Members

Our apprentice, Catherine, has survived Corona Virus infection and is faring well enough. No one else has contracted the virus or is showing symptoms. Catherine is helping with the clinical trial, but only in distance, digital form. She will likely resume face-to-face training at some point early next year.

Through the UK government’s initiative to encourage young people into the workforce, we have plans to take on two youngsters between the ages of 16 and 24 for part-time work of 25 hours a week, for a duration of six months. Projects to complete and skills to be learned in this endeavour include social media marketing, basic design of flyers, posters, business cards and other marketing material, creating a proper, attractive-looking CV, blog post writing and basic website design.

The new hires are planned to begin in February, but nothing is ‘set in stone’ at this point.

Upcoming Mandatory Pre-Booking Payment

Our standard cancellation policy has always been a full refund if cancelling / postponing a session with at least 48 hours’ notice. With the advent of COVID, our policy has been expanded in keeping with The Practice Rooms’ generous policy that anyone showing signs or symptoms of COVID can cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice and not pay any penalty. Otherwise, the fee is what we pay for room hire, £15 for the shorter sessions.

We’ve been very lucky to have booked over one hundred appointments with 80-odd clients since starting trade in the autumn of 2018. Only once was a young man too unwell to attend his session, and kindly reimbursed us the room hire fee.

Transparency and Accountability

Unfortunately we’ve had three people book appointments recently (in the last three or so weeks) and cancel with too little notice. We’ve issued notice to these three people once, and once is enough. We have much more important things to spend our time on, and in keeping with our values: Time is not money. Time is much more valuable than money.

That’s why we plan to roll out the new pre-booking payment in the first quarter of next year, when we have more capacity to spend on updating our Terms & Conditions and installing the pre-payment booking fee in the amount of £15. Receipt of this amount will confirm one’s appointment, and if cancelled or postponed with more than 48 hours’ notice, the amount will be refunded in full.

We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. Our intent is not to create barriers for people wanting to get better and needing to improve their level of health. In the spirit of full transparency, we disclose the first name and contact information of the two persons who have abused our policy. Should their small outstanding cancellation fees be paid by 15 January 2021 – without interest, without any late fees or penalties – then we will not pursue the installation of a booking fee.

  • Ella – – 07928 809 752
  • Emma – 01793 814 553
  • Lukas Lysiak – – 07737 591 252

We wish these people the best of luck in their endeavors to secure health, sobriety and peace of mind. Should they wish to come in for an appointment, we will happily welcome them with open arms after the cancellation fee is paid and a pre-payment for booking in the amount of £15 is received. As with everyone else, we are willing to barter and/or accept payment plans.

Note: We are a privately held company under no obligation to publish financial or executive files publicly. Such blog posts as these serve informational and marketing purposes only.