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Distance Treatments with the SCIO Bio-Resonance Device

Yes, we offer distance treatments using the SCIO Bio-Resonance machine. In the software, these are called “subspace” therapies.

It’s a common misconception or misunderstanding that electromagnetic (EM) waves need a medium through which to travel. In fact, they don’t: Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum, meaning they don’t need metals, volcanised rubber or even air particles to be transmitted. NASA calls these metals, electrodes and other bits “a medium through which to propagate”.

Common Questions Regarding Distance Bio-Resonance Treatment

How far can these EM waves travel for treatment?

SCIO bioresonance device

The SCIO Bio-Resonance device used in distance treatments and in-person visits

It’s not so much a question of how far frequencies can travel, but how far can they travel and still have an effect. Think of this as tuning your radio device to a radio station that is broadcasting just out of range of your device. This happens a lot in your car, for example. You’d still receive the waves, but they’d be fuzzy and not useful to you, because they haven’t been sent with enough power.

How long does distance treatment last?

We’ve been instructed – and have found through our own rendering of distance therapy with the SCIO – that it’s best to leave the device running for 6 – 12 hours continuously.

We offer the following time slots as standard, but you can always ask for a bespoke amount of time or therapy:

  • 6 hours
  • 9 hours
  • 12 hours

Please refrain from imbibing alcohol and/or consuming copious amount of refined sugar and caffeine during a distance treatment, as this will make the treatment less effective.

When do you set up distance Bio-Resonance treatments?

It depends on your time zone and schedule. We’ve set them up to run on a woman in the UK who was working the night shift, to give her an extra boost of energy and vitality during work from 10pm until 7am the next day, for example.

Please bear in mind that in-person treatments take priority. This is why we generally offer distance SCIO sessions during the daytime on weekends only, or overnight on any day of the week.

What kind of treatments are available / What do you treat?

As you can see from the screenshot of the software below, we offer a limited form of therapies in distance sessions.

We can see how well a therapy was “absorbed” by your body (the technical term is physiological entrainment) give the Rectification Value at the end of therapy. A number over 85% is satisfactory, however, we have heard of people feeling better from treatment when numbers have been under 85.

Specific Therapies Available

The screenshot above may be hard to read, so here are the distance therapy sessions we offer:

  1. Degeneration
  2. Injured Tissue
  3. Adipose Dissolve (Breaks up fat cells)
  4. Metabolic Repair
  5. Hormone Balance
  6. Neurological Repair
  7. Auto Psych Treatment
  8. Auto Pain Treatment
  9. Relaxation and Sleep
  10. Digestive System Treatment
  11. Auto “Feel Good” Therapy
  12. Reverse Skin Lines and Ageing (Kasey makes a wonderful skin serum that helps with this – contact us for details)
  13. Sport Program – Oxygenation Stimulation
  14. Sport Program – Muscle Building
  15. Sport Program – Flexibility Stimulation (this also helps the lymphatic system flow more smoothly)
  16. Sport Program – Coordination Stimulation
  17. Overall Immune Stimulation
  18. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (often a result of impaired immune system due to a common viral or bacterial infection)
  19. Bad Behaviour in Children (often a result of ‘bad’ gut bugs)
  20. Anti-Inflammation, Allergies
  21. Electro-Chelation Circulation Improvement
  22. Fibrositis
  23. Stimulate Intellect
  24. Stimulate Psychic Abilities
  25. Blood Sugar Disorders

Schedule Your Distance Bio-Resonance Treatment

You can contact us by email to arrange a session: kasey@biofeedbackcentrebristol.co.uk

Our less preferable method of contact is on Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp: +44 7394 870 156.

Alternatively, you can contact us using the form below.

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