The Quarterly 1-2020: Training & New Directions

New Apprentice

Kasey survived an icy cold 4-week holiday in Minnesota, USA, whilst visiting family and friends. Upon returning, she started straight away on plans to hire and train the Bristol Centre for Biofeedback’s first apprentice: Catherine. For very specific reasons, Kasey will be training Catherine personally in her apprenticeship, creating a curriculum from scratch with an intense hands-on approach.

Kasey’s goal, together with other practitioners and educators and key stakeholders in the medical field, still remains to secure NHS coverage for a broader range of Bio-Resonance and Biofeedback treatments. Coherent, accredited training will likely be a cornerstone in the realisation of this advance in providing the UK with more affordable, holistic, modern Western medicine. Whether training needs to be a stand-alone Level 4 Programme or whether it can be appended to a pre-existing certification, such as Registered Nursing, will become clear in future.

Level 4 Training No Longer in Sight

Carol received a call in January that an overseas company* would like to use her yet-to-be-finished Level 4 Training Programme for educating Biofeedback practitioners in a new Dubai centre. The future of realising this training programme for the UK in the UK is looking to be unlikely.

*The name of this company will not be disclosed for discretionary reasons. 

Studies Planned for the UK

Kevin has been working adamently with a university in the Southwest to secure funding to further research the efficacy of Bio-Resonance therapy.

Post-Brexit it remains unclear how British practitioners could team up with clinics in Germany, the Netherlands, or other EU-based clinics on clinic studies and trials.

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