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ElectroMagnetic Therapies Rendered

Allergy Desensitisation

You can be desensitised to an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity in as little as 6 to 10 treatment sessions. Using Bio-Resonance therapy, the immune system is corrected and the body learns to fight off real threats to the health.

We can help you desensitise from over 300+ common allergens and causes of intolerance, including:

  • cow milk (lactose intolerance)
  • peanuts
  • almonds
  • cashews
  • other nut types
  • grass (over 10 individual types)
  • house dust
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Anti-Ageing & Non-Invasive Face Lifts

Want to look younger, have more energy, and feel better?

In addition to working on the outside of your body cosmetically, we ensure your natural health systems are functioning at their best.

Included in this 12-session programme:

  • Reducing dark circles under the eyes
  • Tightening skin on the cheeks, chin, neck and hands
  • Drastically reducing wrinkles & lines
  • Kick-starting your metabolism for weight loss
  • Balancing your endocrine system for more resistance to stress and fatigue
  • Re-balancing hormones for regular, pain-free menstruation, restoration of hair growth and better sleep
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Are you interested in Bio-Resonance treatment for an ailment or condition that’s not listed above? Please get it touch to find out if we can be the most suitable health partner for you. Contact Kasey, the resident practitioner, directly by emailing Kasey @ or ringing 07394 870 156.

Allergy Testing

Allergies don’t always present themselves as sneezes. If you’re feeling bloated, tired or irritable, that might be due to a food sensitivity. ‘Creeping obesity’ (or slow weight gain over a few years) and difficulty in losing weight can also be signs of intolerances or sensitivity to foods.

Finding which pollens, grasses, and other environmental pollutants you’re allergic to helps you better control your allergies and outbreaks.

Using advanced medical technology, we scan your body in real-time for allergies, intolerances and sensitivites to 300+ known allergens. It only takes 45 minutes in our city-centre Bristol clinic.

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Non-Invasive Tumour & Cyst Reduction

Kasey has personally worked on a number of clients in the UK who have chosen to have their cyst or beneign tumour reduced through Bio-Resonance therapy. This involves local electromagnetic treatment via electrodes placed atop the tumour or cyst. The number of treatments required depends on the size of the tumour or cyst as well as the patient’s overall health, i.e. a fully functioning lymphatic system will aid faster drainage of the cyst when it’s on its way out.

Before you contact us, please be aware of the following:

  • Please always consult your primary care doctor – and a specialist if you can get a referral for one. This isn’t just for our legal safety as practitioners, this is out of genuine concern for your own health and well being. Some people may be ‘against’ Western medicine, but we firmly believe that working together achieves the best, most accurate picture of your health for us to choose a way forward.
  • We can make referrals for MRI scans, however, the expense must usually still be paid out of pocket unless your doctor can get this paid through the NHS.
  • Due to the nature of Bio-Resonance technology, we cannot determine the exact location or number of internal cysts or tumours. We do not replace a medical doctor’s diagnosis.
  • “Reduction” is the chosen word for this service rendered even though the cyst or tumour will be entirely gone after treatments. “Removal” implies surgery or laparoscopy, which are both invasive procedures. Bio-Resonance is completely non-invasive.

Out of privacy and respect for our former clients, we don’t have before-and-after pictures posted online. Please contact us and we’ll send you pictures via email if you’re interested.

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For urgent matters, such as an acutely worsening condition or persistent eczema that isn’t helped with creams or steroids, then please let us know your health concerns and book an appointment in one of our Bristol area locations.

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