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Your First Appointment

The information on this page will help you be prepared for your first appointment.

Before Your First Biofeedback or Bioresonance Appointment

  1. Do Your Research
    Make sure you read thoroughly about Biofeedback and Bioresonance to make sure it feels like the right method of treatment for you.
  2. Select a Health Partner
    There are different practitioners working at and in conjunction with the Centre. Each practitioner has different locations, different availability, and although they all have the same foundational knowledge, they each have different areas of expertise. You can read more information about the practitioners on our Homepage.
  3. Schedule an Initial Consultation
    During your first consultation, we’ll ask you about information that will help us get to the core of your condition more efficiently. Working together with you and with NHS healthcare practitioners gives us a more solid understanding of your state of health, and brings us closer to empowering you to make the right decisions for your body, mind, and well being. If you choose to supply us with the following health data regarding what you’ve done about your health up to this point in time, it would greatly help us fill in the big picture concerning your wellbeing:
    – Previous blood tests / analysis
    – Any medical test results, i.e. CAT scans, X-rays, etc.
    – When your condition is worse / better, i.e. during high humidity, after a few drinks, every morning, etc.
    – How long you’ve been suffering from your condition
    – Family history of diseases, illness, and other conditions
    – Personal life, i.e. widowed, agnostic, recent death of a loved one, etc.
    Your initial consultation will be held via telephone, web video chat, or in person.
  4. Read the ‘Fine Print’
    Read through our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, how we uphold the General Data Privacy Regulations of the EU and Legal Terms & Conditions. It is not our intent to hide behind confusing legal terminology or any other means of obfuscating the truth. Please contact us to have any terms further explained.

During Your First Appointment

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Bring a loved one along.

Kasey firmly believes that healthcare is a family affair. Inspired by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the Bristol Centre for Biofeedback warmly encourages you to bring along your spouse, loved one, sibling, close friend or another trusted person to your appointments, and especially to the first one.

It is difficult to be challenged with a serious illness or chronic condition; a loved one can help you remember and interpret what is discussed in your first appointment, and ask questions you may have overlooked. Furthermore, they can offer a unique perspective on your condition which can help our practitioners understand your situtation in better detail.

Allow ample time.

The time you’ll spend ‘in harness’ (attached to the electrodes, as pictured left) lasts 45 to 70 minutes. Please allow for ample time before and after the treatment session for discussion. First visits generally last two hours.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

The electrodes are placed around your wrists, ankles and forehead with contact on the skin. Please make sure these areas are accessible. In certain cases (i.e. warts, eczema, hair loss), an additional electrode pad can be positioned atop the body. No clothing must be removed during the session.

Why Does the First Bioresonance Appointment Cost Less than a Standard Treatment?

Like many others in the field of holistic therapy, most Biofeedback and Bioresonance practitioners charge more for the first session due to the considerably larger investment of time: One’s first session could take two to three hours excluding the practitioner’s time before and after for taking notes and pre-screening activities related the initial consultation. Follow-up sessions, in contrast, generally last a maximum of 90 minutes.

Kasey sees things very differently. S/he firmly believes that knowledge can lead to empowerment, and there should be as little barriers as possible to one’s knowledge of self and exploration of healthcare options. The time s/he invests in educating others about Bioresonance is considered a donation for the betterment of the practice and of our community.

Bioresonance may not be the ‘right’ treatment for everyone. However, first-hand experience of the therapy should at least be broadly accessible to the general public. Lack of financial means should never prevent one from being healthy, happy and well. (There are enough mental barriers to that already!)

  • The price of an initial phone consultation is free.

  • The price of the first appointment, called an assessment visit, generally covers overhead expenses for the facilities and administration alone.

    The first appointment is a way for patients to better familiarise themselves with Bio-Resonance or Biofeedback therapy. It also serves as a way for the practitioner to assess whether the patient is a right ‘match’ for the treatment.

  • The price of subsequent follow-up visits varies between treatments. Please visit the Treatment Overview Page to check prices, or call us on 07394 870 15six.

  • Lack of money should never be a barrier to receiving necessary treatment. Especially if your condition is preventing you from working or working to your full potential, you shouldn’t be expected to sacrifice more than your means in order to receive proper support in re-attaining health.

    We have 0% financing plans available and in some cases are willing to barter and trade for rendering treatment. Please contact Kasey if you are unable to make full payment for services.

Page last updated on 23 July 2019.